Best Anti-Gray Hair Pills on The Market 2021 Review

Today’s post will look at the best anti-gray hair pills available on the market for people concerned about their greying hair.

To some people, grey hair signifies old age – a normal point of growing old. Sometimes, some people think it is genetically programmed. While there may be some atom of truth in these, hair graying can be reduced, or reversed.

There was a time when pills that prevent or reverse gray hair only existed in our fantasies. After a serious 2009 research by FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology), the main causes of hair de-pigmentation were brought to light.

From the research, which was consolidated by the University of Bradford researchers, hair grayness happens when the hair follicles produce more than necessary amounts of hydrogen peroxide due to a phenomenon known as ‘oxidative stress.’

Oxidative stress doesn’t just happen in one day, it takes many years and continuously produce small quantities of this hydrogen peroxide before it accumulates enough to kick start a bleaching process from inside out.

As hydrogen peroxide builds up, melanin production is hampered, leading to a loss of color in the hair – whether brown, blonde or brown.

Also, as we grow older, the enzyme ‘catalase’ tends to drop in its levels and hence allows the unchecked build-up of harmful hydrogen peroxide.

For perspective, this ‘Catalase’ is an enzyme that helps in breaking up hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water for easy elimination.

Another important enzyme known as ‘tyrosinase’ helps in melanin production. However, the production of this enzyme is stimulated by the availability of another enzyme group referred to as MSR A and MSR B.

As we age, the availability of MSR A and B declines, thereby affecting the production of tyrosinase, which also affects the ability of the hair follicles to correct the atrocities done by excess hydrogen peroxide in the hair strands.

So, in a nutshell, what causes this hair graying phenomenon?

What Is The Cause Of Gray Hair?

As mentioned earlier in this article, grey hair occurs either due to the low production of melanin, MSR A or B, tyrosinase, or catalase.

For the enzymes, they are all reduced in production as a person grows older. Several factors may contribute to this reduction. Take the enzyme catalase for instance; it is typically reduced because of stress. This then allows the bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide) to rid the hair of its natural color, thereby becoming gray.

That said, can gray hair be corrected? The answer is certainly. There have been talks that certain components can help with reversing graying hair including coconut oil and lemon juice.

While that may actually help a little, some pills have more potency to get your gray hair reversed in no time. So, I’ll talk about some of the best anti gray hair pills on the market that works wonders in getting your hair back to its natural color.

Best Anti-Gray Hair Pills 2021

If you are serious about reversing your gray hair and need a good anti-gray hair treatment, you’ll appreciate the time I used to compile these products. They are some of the most potent products for gray hair reversal and treatment on the market.

Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind with Catalyse

Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind

Our favorite anti-gray hair pill is the Life Vitality Gray Hair rescind with catalase. This supplement contains the super-rare ingredient catalase which you won’t find in most other pills and supplements. The life vitality gray hair rescind was carefully formulated to suit both males and females of all ages looking for the best gray hair treatment.

It’s a fine mix of traditional herbs, minerals, vitamins, and catalase (which recent studies show that having low levels in your body can lead to graying hair). You’ll find ingredients like 300 mg saw palmetto, 10 mg chlorophyll, 200mg l tyrosine, nettle root extract, folic acid, 10 mg barley grass and more according to the supplement facts.

Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind contains 60 nutrient-rich capsules which anti-aging doctors recommend as a thoroughbred treatment for gray hair rather to regain original hair color instead of using harmful chemicals contained in hair colors and dyes.

Customer reviews of the Life vitality Anti-Gray Hair pills indicate that this supplement doesn’t just help with treating gray hair when it already surfaces, but also:

  • Helps your hair return to its natural color
  • Change the ‘gray’ hair from the root
  • Prevent reoccurrence of gray hair
  • Prevent gray hair from ever popping up
  • Promotes thicker and smoother hair

There are no GMOs or artificial ingredients in the Life Vitality Gray hair pills according to the product specifications. Check out some of the potent ingredients in this supplement below:

Ingredients of Life Vitality Gray Hair Pills

  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Catalase
  • Plant sterols
  • Biotin
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Folic Acid
  • Horsetail extract and more

Foligray Supplement for Graying Hair

Foligray anti gray hair supplement

Another of my favorite anti-gray hair pill is the Foligray dietary supplement. This powerful all natural supplement comes loaded with powerful ingredients that support hair pigmentation naturally.

Foligray is designed as a diet pill for all ages looking for a solution to graying hair. Its fine blend of ingredients with comprises of vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals includes vitamin B6, biotin, folate, copper and pantothenic acid.

These rich ingredient list the required ‘hair vitamins’ needed to correct pigmentation happening in the hair follicles, preventing premature graying and the overall health of your hair.

If you want not just your hair’s original color back, but would love thicker fuller hair and healthier hair, Foligray promises to make your dreams come true.
This powerful antigraying dietary supplement is made in an FDA approved facility that follows good manufacturing practices and all the GMP guidelines.

Hair Fortin AgePop


I was a little skeptical whether to include the HairFortin Agepop or not, but due to positive feedback from users, I decided to add it. The HairFortin Agepop is a hair loss treatment that contains the royal plant Andrographis Paniculata as its key ingredient.

Designed to give your hair a renewed life, Agepop gives you an ageless hair full of color and luster – say goodbye to graying hair. The best part is, HairFortin is a reputable brand known for natural and effective hair growth supplements. You can choose to take on hair growth and reversing graying hair at the same time with this combo plan.

Hair fortin Agepop

All you need to do is to order 3 or more bottles of HairFortin today and you will get the new pill HairFortin AgePop for free (this is worth $86).

HairFortin uses 28 high-quality plant extracts and vitamins to manufacture proven and FDA-approved capsules that will do wonders for your hair.

Take advantage of this offer, buy HairFortin and get HairFortin Agepop free today.

Suzy Cohen 12,500 CATu (500mg) Supplement

Another pill that is quite effective is this Suzy Cohen supplement. Even if it’s not as potent as the Goodbye Grey pill by Bauer Nutrition, this hair supplement still packs a punch.

Not only does this pill combat the grayness of hair, but it also improves the sheen, providing an enviable hair lock and a younger look.

It works by converting the discoloring hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, making them easy to use or eliminate from the body. It also protects the DNA strands while fighting to improve the body’s mitochondrial function.

This pill is also produced with DR Caps – acid-resistant capsules that allow the drug to pass successfully through the digestive acids in the stomach before they finally dissolve.

All you need is to take just one capsule daily with your meal and you’d say goodbye to graying for life!

Can Gray Hair Be Prevented Naturally?

Since the prominent absence of depletion of the body’s catalase levels lead to gray hair, and the former is known to be a powerful anti-oxidant, it only makes sense to improve its levels by consuming food that aids its production.

So to naturally prevent or reverse gray hair, you may need to bulk up on your consumption of vitamin E, curcumin, ashwagandha, and saw palmetto.

Ashwagandha, especially, is an herb extract (ayurvedic) that was discovered to inhibit radical damage of white blood cells by hydrogen peroxide.

When also used on middle-aged men, ashwagandha powder (3 grams for 12 months) was said to have resulted in better hair pigmentation in the specimen group.

Foods like celery, broccoli, radish, cucumbers, and kale are all good sources of catalase, which helps in combating the radical damages that hydrogen peroxide, can exhibit on the hair and its color.

As said earlier in the post, coconut oil has been said to do well with preventing graying hair. All you need to do is rub coconut oil into your scalp and leaving for a few minutes before washing off.

While this sounds all-natural and a great way of preventing gray hair, it’s best you keep in mind that there isn’t any research to back the effectiveness of this.

Are There Side Effects Of Using Anti-Gray Hair Pills?

Besides the natural process, you can just pop a pill in your mouth daily and it can help fight back the damages caused by the buildup of hydrogen peroxide.

However, there might be reasons to raise eyebrows, like what to expect after continuous use of the pills.

So do using anti-gray hair pills cause any damage to your body? Let us find answers.

Although from research, there doesn’t seem to be any records of bodily harm from taking pills against hair graying, people who take it have to:

Deal With The Difficulty Of Knowing When To Start Administering The Drugs:

According to researchers, for anti-gray pills to be effective, one must start taking it at least 10 years before when one starts graying.  Now here is the problem. People gray at different times in their lives. Some in their 20s, some 30s, others take longer and gray in their 70s to 80s. It, therefore, would be quite hectic and practically impossible to know when one would start to grow gray and hence when to start taking the pills.

Understand That They Are Vulnerable Products:

The easiest way to get money from people is to put anything inside a capsule and say it is a drug.

People are vulnerable and have a weak spot for buying drugs that claim to fix their health issues. However, most times, people don’t get the results that they want and hence feel cheated.

Finding a pill or pills that work is one of the hardest things to do for those who are worried about going gray that is why it is easy to be hoodwinked into buying fake drugs.

Understand That They May Be Using These Pills For Life:

L’Oreal, the cosmetic giant, made us know that while using the pills can work if taken some years before graying starts, the truth is these drugs needs to become a part of one’s life if one is to permanently avoid the phenomenon.

Bottom Line

Gray hair is regarded as ‘wisdom’ in some cultures and for some other people; it takes their confidence and self-esteem away.

People gray and develop white hair at different times in their lives and those who grey earlier might regard it as abnormal and be unable to show it off to the public.

While genes could be blamed for this phenomenon, ‘oxidative stress’ is another big culprit and that is where the pills come in.

Although finding effective anti-gray pills can be difficult, the above-mentioned formulae (especially the Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind with Catalyse ) is your best bet for reversing grey/gray hair. It can also help keep your hair follicles shiny and healthy, while you get back your self-confidence. Also, be sure to read my gray hair reversal success story and how I beat graying hair and got back my natural hair color.

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