The Best Drugstore Exfoliator for Acne Prone skin [2022 Guide & Review]

Exfoliators for acne-prone skin? Yes, they are a thing! If you’ve been having a series of acne breakouts, you need something to help you and these exfoliators are the perfect bet.

Appearance counts and a healthy, glowing skin give you that and more. Exfoliators can turn around the state of your skin in many ways possible.

By discarding dead cells holding your beautiful skin hostage, sweat pores are unclogged enhancing the efficiency of regular facial creams applied. But what happens if your skin is extra sensitive, and suffers acne on a regular? You will have to be cautious about the exfoliator you settle for.

Best Exfoliators for Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin 

The distinct sensitive skin types all have one thing in common – they need special attention. You have to be extra picky about what you use on your skin. Since we care about your skin, appearance, and confidence, we have dug up some of the more effective exfoliators compatible with your sensitive skin. Read on!

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub

Acure exfoliator for sensitive skin

With natural ingredients like French green clay and sea kelp, the ACURE face scrub clears your skin without any side effects.

The Vegan exfoliator is free from synthetic chemicals and their health implications. It does wonder in giving you that delightful facial scrub where you don’t have to worry about those series of acne breakouts again.

Beauty by Earth Exfoliating Face Scrub

Beauty by Earth appears to have done something right through its Microdermabrasion face scrub. With natural ingredients, which are gentle on the skin, this exfoliator might be a great match for oddly sensitive skin. And you don’t have to bear any offensive scent when applying the face scrub.

Microdermabrasion Face Scrub and Face Exfoliator

Microdermation facial scrub

This Era Organics scrub makes this list of exfoliators for sensitive skin. With an array of naturally occurring ingredients like walnut, aloe vera, and manuka honey, your facial skin might be in for a treat. The exfoliator also fights the anti-aging war using the highly effective anti-oxidant, Vitamin C.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Exfoliating Daily Scrub

best exfoliator for acne prone skin - aveeno exfoliating body scrub

Aveeno Exfoliating Daily Scrub has all the attributes of a decent exfoliator. Its use of soy extract and exfoliating granules might appeal to a lot of people. However, synthetic ingredients like methylparaben and the presence of a fragrance calls for caution by users regardless of the product’s claim of being hypoallergic. Unclog those acne pores with this powerful scrub.

 Vivo Per Lei Face Peeling Gel

vivo facial peeling mask

With key ingredients like nutshell powder and sea minerals, this Vivo peeling gel offers to exfoliate your skin with the fewest of applications. You’re only expected to use the gel in moderation as its efficacy slips in excess. However, the presence of a known irritant Methylisothiazolinone as a preservative makes a case against its use for anyone with sensitive skin.

Baebody Coconut Milk Body Scrub

Using natural ingredients including 6 essential oils, sea salt, and dead sea salt, the Baebody body scrub offers users much more than an exfoliator.

With its luxurious oils and sea salt, getting a moisturizer might be unnecessary. Any animal activist will be pleased about the non-testing of the product on our beloved four-legged friends.

ASUTRA Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub

asutra body scrub

This is another body scrub which might interest those with highly sensitive skin. With ingredients like the Himalayan salt, citrus essential oil, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, the ASUTRA body scrub has all the attributes of a worthwhile exfoliator.

Advanced Microdermabrasion Scrub

advanced microdermabrasion scrub

With multiple natural ingredients, this Microdermabrasion body scrub offers your skin the opportunity to breathe again. Its lack of hypoallergenic compounds makes it a desirable option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Alba Botanica Body Scrub

Using only vegetable ingredients like aloe, wax, lavender, and a marine complex, this Alba Botanica body scrub exfoliates your highly sensitive acne-prone skin efficiently. Lacking in the regular allergy triggers seen in many synthetic exfoliators, the Alba Botanica shouldn’t instigate any reaction on an application.

Pure Body Naturals Body Scrub

pure body coconut milk scrub

This Pure Body Naturals body scrub uses ingredients like coconut milk, essential oils, and dead sea salt to deliver a reaction-free exfoliation. It contains no irritants which is important for achieving radiant skin without blemish.

Picking the right exfoliator for your Acne-Prone sensitive skin

With more exfoliators in the face of consumers, identifying the right product for your acne-prone skin is never going to be easy and for good reasons. One of which is the array of ingredients used in the manufacture of these products. It’s not just about finding the product that works but one without any baggage.

Discerning the good apples from the basket of exfoliators requires you to identify the ingredients which have been confirmed to have no side effects. Below are some of the ingredients which shouldn’t be in your chosen exfoliator:

  • Sulfates
  • Preservatives which have been known to produce methanal on storage
  • Abrasive compounds which are not necessarily biodegradable
  • Dyes of a synthetic variety
  • Fragrances

Best Practices

To avoid falling victim to the effects of a bad exfoliator, it’s advisable to apply a portion of your recently purchased exfoliator on a small area of your body. This way, you could decide if it’s bad for your skin or not.

Can you exfoliate without chemicals?

Yes, you can. Since exfoliation entails clearing dead cells off the outmost layer of the epidermis, you can achieve such by massaging your face with a warm water-soaked towel. Afterward, you moisturize the skin of your face using a moisturizer. By repeating this process every day, you should observe some changes on your face.

Exfoliating the DIY way

Certain mixtures can help you exfoliate without having to purchase any product. One of such is the apple cider vinegar. Its key component, alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), can help hasten the removal of the dead cells. Just administer the liquid moderately to the skin of your face and wash away shortly. Other natural ways of exfoliating consist of using compounds containing citric acid (like lemon juice) or lactic acid.

Any exfoliating timetable?

While there’s no specific timetable for exfoliating, your chosen approach could decide just how often you do that. If you intend using an exfoliator, you might have to exfoliate once or twice in a week for several weeks to get the desired result. However, exfoliating using only warm water and a face towel demands a more regular timetable.

After an exfoliation, what next?

Wiping off dead cells and giving those pores the opportunity to breathe again is just one part of getting that radiant skin you deserve. The other part involves protecting your skin from the harsh weather and keeping it moisturized at the same time. A good moisturizer should suffice for the job.

Just ensure shield your now extra delicate skin from the damaging effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun by applying adequate sunscreen.

Are there any possible exfoliation nightmares?

Not every skin condition is ameliorated by clearing the dead cells off your skin. That rash on your skin wouldn’t disappear by exfoliating; rather it could be aggravated.

In the same vein, unpleasant spots on your skin, acne, and similar skin conditions will need to be tackled before you push forward with an exfoliation procedure. Consulting a dermatologist might be the best thing to do in such situations.


Finding the right exfoliator for your sensitive and acne-prone skin is possible, and this piece is geared at helping you do so. The advantages of exfoliating are numerous.

The best part is the best exfoliators for acne-prone skin come in various forms, from mild scrubs to cleansers, creams, and peels. It can take decades of years off your appearance while you fall in love with your skin texture and condition. Optimize your chosen exfoliator and give your body a worthwhile treat.

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