Ring Light Mirror: 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror You Should Own

Ring light for makeup otherwise called ring light mirror or diva lights has become a trending beauty kit. This is why many beauty kit makers now offer this lighted makeup mirror to provide the lights needed for a sparkling make-over session.

You cannot undervalue the importance of a ring light mirror. This is probably why most makeup personnel and people in the beauty sector tend to stick with these types of makeup lights mirrors. That’s not all, YouTube superstar make-up artists and even celebrity model Kylie Jenner has praised ring light mirror as being “the sh*tâ€.

In case you are wondering, the beauty of using ring lighted mirrors is that the quality of lightning that hits your face washes away any blemishes you’d have missed with your makeup. We’ll be covering ten (10) of the best rated lighted makeup mirror in this text but before then…

Why Choose a Ring Lighted Makeup Mirror?

The importance of a quality ring lighted mirror cannot be overemphasized. If famous YouTube vloggers and celebrities models have opted for these types of mirrors, you’d already know it’s the real deal.

Looking good is good business and making the right choice to look good and build your self-confidence isn’t far-fetched. Some of the best ways to look good are proper grooming, following great skincare routines, and of course a touch of makeup.

If you’d be applying makeup, then you need a great lighted mirror to give you the best reflection and of course that sparkling look you desire. This is what the ring light mirror light kits promises.

We have taken the stress out of finding the best ring light mirror or makeup light as you might choose to refer them as. Please take a minute, read, and make an informed decision before purchasing any of your preferred ring light mirrors.

Best Rated Lighted Makeup Mirror 2019 (Focusing on Diva Ring Light for Makeup Mirror)

Fancii 8†Daylight LED Lighted Mirror with 10X Magnification

Fancii Daylight LED 10X Magnifying lighted Makeup Mirror

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When you step foot into the world of powerful and portable LED magnifying makeup mirrors, the Fancii Daylight 10X makeup mirror should be the first you would see.

The Fancii 10X makeup lighted mirror has a uniquely powerful magnification and a beautiful chrome finish. Its dimmable lights ensure that you can work it in any light you desire by just the push of a button.

When you speak of fuss-free makeup, the cordless Fancii 10X daylight LED makeup mirror is all you are speaking of. The suction cups are newly improved and ensure that your mirror is perfectly and strongly attached to whatever surface it is placed on. The Fancii 10X makeup mirror is foldable and when folded, can take as small as 0.52 inches of space!

Here are the basic features of the Fancii 10X lighted mirror:

  • Extremely bright LED lights: It may be hard to differentiate natural daylight brightness from the brightness of this dimmable ring makeup mirror that has 14 bright and powerful bulbs.
  • Powerful Magnification: The power of this mirror is 10X magnification, and that means there is a highly precise finish on your makeup with no hiding place for troublesome spots.
  • Uses Battery (3 AA batteries): Hence it is cordless and can be used when traveling too. Such comfort and power in one small package!
  • Large Mirror Display of 8†ensures that you can see every part of your face and neck.
  • 360° swivel ensures you get a clear view from every angle.
  • 3.5†X 3.5†surface is the least needed for the suction to hold perfectly.
  • Textured walls may not let the suction stick; however, it can stick to ceramics, porcelain, enamel, and even other mirrors.

According to the tons of positive reviews and a series of glam queens using this Fancii Daylight ring light mirror, it’s a dependable makeup lighted mirror. The best part is, there’s usually a money-back guarantee from the vendors, so you have nothing to lose.

Terresa 7X Ring Light Mirror w/Suction Cup

Terresa 7X Ring Light Mirror with Suction Cup

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This makeup light mirror boasts of portability (because of its light weight) and is gentle on the eyes. Whether you want to shave or apply makeup, you have little or no worries as you can use this anywhere and anytime!

The suction cups attached are built to ensure that your mirror can be placed on any flat surface, to give you more room and more hands to work on your makeup application.

It has a magnification of 7X which means you have the luxury of seeing every single detail of your face fixing those problematic zones you normally encounter with normal vanity mirrors.

Features of the Terresa 7X Diva Ring Light mirror:

  • The extra-powerful suction cup which makes it adhere strongly to any smooth surface.
  • 7X magnification and a bright LED white daylight illumination.
  • It uses batteries (AAA) alone.
  • Mirror has 360° rotation.
  • Easy on/off switch at the back of the mirror.

Because of its portability and fuss-free use, the Terresa 7X magnifying lighted makeup mirror is one of the favorites amongst makeup gadget lovers.

However, it cannot be used as a plug-in, and the batteries required are 4 AAA to ensure the lights are brightest. Some folks also complain about this makeup light not being strong enough. But if you ever need a friend on the go, Terresa 7X is always there!

Miusco 7X Magnifying Mirror with Makeup Light (8†LED)

Miusco 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

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The Miusco is a top choice among beauticians and a favorite in several online malls. If you are looking for a ring light mirror or a makeup light that’s pretty affordable which could get you that perfect look that you have always desired at any time, you should consider this.

It is carefully crafted to ensure that you get the correct and precise representation of whatever makeup you are wearing. The LED works to ensure that you do not apply too much of any makeup by giving a natural light representation.

Here are a few features that make the Muisco 7X makeup light mirror an outstanding lighted mirror:

  • It is mounted with an adjustable LED on both sides. The LED gives a natural daylight illumination which is important if you are to get the right shades and color when applying makeup.
  • The mirror is made so that the optical images reflected are 100% distortion-free.
  • Large reflection view of 8 inches in diameter so you can see every part of your face.
  • The mirror has a double-sided view and can be magnified to suit whatever task you might want to use it for. You can magnify it to 1X or 7X.
  • Has a dual power source.

The dual power source has an input of between 100 and 240v and the output of 6v. 4 AA batteries power the Miusco ring light mirror (may not come with the package) and an AC adapter (always included).

You can either use the Miusco lighted mirror by direct plug-in or battery. You can also dim the light (for eyes’ safety) by simply turning the knob.

8†Mirrorvana Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnification

8†Mirrorvana Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnification

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The Mirrorvana Vanity mirror is the makeup lover’s best friend. It is very portable and compact and can fit into your bag! It is often packaged in nice-looking packages that ensure they are great on the eyes.

With the Mirrorvana, beauty lovers have everything they need on the go ranging from a perfect look to a fuss-free makeup session. What’s more? The Mirrorvana light bulbs can endure years of use without needing to be changed!

Here are the basic features of the Mirrorvana 8-inch Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror:

  • Perfect Magnification: The mirror has a magnification of 5X that ensures that every detail of your face is brought to the light.
  • High Protection: With the 3-layered protection, you should comfortably use your lighted mirror without fear of scratches, shatter or cracks.
  • Highly Durable Bulbs: The bulbs of this LED lighted mirror last for as long as 50,000 hours! That is quite unbeatable.
  • Elegant Packaging: Another notable feature of this lighted mirror is its packaging. It comes in a beautiful white package, and that makes it great when being used as gifts or souvenirs.
  • It works with 3 AA batteries.

The Mirrorvana 8-inch 5X magnifying LED lighted vanity makeup mirror is just the final link between you and that perfect look!

Mirrorvana Oval Ring Light Mirror with Sensor-Activated LED and 5X Magnification

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Another wonder from the stables of Mirrorvana, this LED lighted makeup mirror has the most recently improved features. Asides being generously endowed with powerful LED lights and having dual-sided mirrors, the Mirrorvana oval sensor mirror is now capable of sensing when the user is actively on it or not.

This new intelligence makes the mirror to go dim and then go off totally when it can’t sense your active movements or touch on it. However, when it goes off, all you need to do is push the switch, and the light comes ablaze again. It comes with an AC adapter and a compartment for batteries to suit your needs.

Outstanding features of the Mirrorvana Oval Sensor Mirror:

  • Motion Sensors: In case you have batteries on or using the direct plug-in, this feature ensures that power and battery life is saved.
  • Bright Dual-sided Rotatable Mirror: Ensures you can work with your makeup from any angle.
  • Strong Mirror Support: The steel support ensures the mirror is kept steady while in use and the glow of the support gives it a more elegant look.
  • Affordability: With these improved features, you may think you have to blast an opening through your wallet for it. How wrong that is! The Oval sensor mirror is very competitive in price and affordable to anyone.
  • Mirror magnification of 5X
  • A dual power source (AC and battery).

You don’t have to entertain skepticism when purchasing the Mirrorvana oval sensor makeup mirror. The money-back and replacement policy cover your worries. However, its sturdiness and durability mean there might not be a need for any of that.

LightLUXE Lighted Magnifying Mirror with LED Lights; Locking Suction, 360 Swivels & Unique Oval Countertop Design (5X Magnification)

LightLUXE Lighted Mirror with LED Lights

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The LightLuxe 5X is a top-class vanity ring lighted makeup mirror that is lightweight and affordable. It can be used even in the poorest lighting conditions, and the suction cup acts as a stand and also ensures that your LED mirror can adhere strongly to any smooth surface with ease.

Being the first of its kind, the mirror can swivel. It can be placed in angles that ensure you have a view of every part of your face and neck without stressing the latter. The LightLuxe is not as portable as its Mirrorvana contemporaries. However, its efficiency in lighting up your face when doing makeup is pivotal to its being picked ahead of others by many beauticians seeking for the best ring light mirror.

Features of LightLuxe ring light mirror:

  • Oval shaped mirror design
  • Magnification of 5X and an adjustable brightness
  • Powerful suction cups ensure that your mirror sticks to your bathroom wall or table strongly.
  • Cordless, battery-powered.
  • Can be swiveled in a 360° dimension.

This unique oval countertop design is the first of its kind in the makeup mirror industry. It also comes highly protected (3-layer protection) that ensures you rarely have to deal with scratches or cracks.

Mirrorvana 6†Bright & Curvy Double-Sided Mirror with Makeup Light (3X Magnification)

Mirrorvana Bright & Curvy Double-Sided LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Sealing their credibility as a leading brand name in the makeup mirrors industry, Mirrorvana has come up with this spiral shaped LED makeup mirror. With a magnification of 1X and 3X, the mirror ensures that you have a clear view of whatever makeup you are putting on your face.

Its dual-sided mirror can help you to pick the right angle of lighting that gives you a less distorted image of your face and makeup. Not leaving out the lighted mirror’s portability and compactness. It looks wonderful wherever it is displayed, and the six-inch mirror brings your whole face into view.

Here are the features of this bright LED makeup mirror:

  • Double-sided Lighted Mirror: One side of the mirror has a 1X magnification that shows all your face while the other side has a 3X magnification that ensures that you can see every detail played out.
  • Three layers protection ensures that you have less to worry about cracks and scratches.
  • The curvy body makes for an elegant and beautiful design.
    Bright LED light ensures that you have that natural daylight illumination even in the most dimly lit places.
  • The base is removable hence the mirror is portable.
  • Battery-powered.

The Mirrorvana Bright & Curvy Double-sided LED lighted makeup mirror is a point where beauty meets perfection.

9.5†Ovente Wall Mount LED Ring Light Mirror – Best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted 10x

9.5 inch Ovente Wall Mount LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

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The Ovente Wall mount LED makeup mirror is one of the top-class products in the makeup mirror industry. The dual power source makeup mirror is built to be stylish and efficient at the same time.

Features of the stunning 9.5″ Ovente Wall Mount LED Mirror:

  • It can be battery operated (4 AA batteries) and also USB adapter operated.
  • Dual-sided LED mirror with 360° swivel stand.
  • Magnification on the mirrors is 1X and 10X. 1X ensures that you get the full view of your face, while the 10X ensures that you get even the minutest details for precision.
  • The dimmable lights feature makes it easy to save the battery life of power when the light is in use.
  • Arm extension: The stylish arm extension can help you use your mirror even in places of limited space.
  • The mirror was built to produce a distortion-free image. All you have to do is look at the picture from a distance of 4 inches away from the 10X mirror.

The large 9.5-inch mirror display gives you a full view of your face and the swivel together, and dimmable feature together makes for the conservation of energy and money while getting efficiency at its topmost.

EZGO Foldable, Portable LED Ring Light Mirror with 5X Magnification

Qiaya selfie ring light for makeup

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The EZGO foldable 1X/5X cosmetic mirror is another highly compact and portable makeup mirror that gives you that precise and perfect look wherever you are. It doesn’t have a dual-sided mirror-like the others, but it has two lighted mirrors, one with a magnification of 1X and the other 5X to ensure detailed perfection.

This mirror can be folded into a compact shape and can fit into a small handbag plus it doesn’t use cord so there will be no awkwardness of wires everywhere you go.

The batteries which the EZGO cosmetic LED mirror uses are added to the package (unlike other mirrors), so the buyer doesn’t spend extra cash purchasing batteries. The LED bulbs are durable enough to endure many years of use without the need to get a replacement. The EZGO Cosmetic mirror isn’t a vanity mirror as you can use it even while lying down!

Features of the EZGO cosmetic mirror:

  • Foldable mirrors 1X and 10X magnifications.
  • Durable and bright LED bulbs that may never need replacing
  • Comes with 4 AAA batteries
  • Comes in uniquely elegant packages, which makes it a very good option when contemplating what to gift family and friends

The EZGO Foldable Cosmetic Mirror with LED Ring Light is amongst the top considerations when trying to combine portability, elegance, and efficiency in makeup mirrors.

UPDATE: The EZGO  cosmetic mirror is no longer on sale on Amazon. In its stead, you can check out the Qiaya Selfie Ring Light. This is also remarkably the number one bestselling product right now. This product is unlike the rest of the ring light for makeup listed, in that it captures all the details you need even at night, making it the top night time/darkroom ring lighted mirror.

Check Price of Qiaya Selfie Ring Light on Amazon

18†LED Video Professional Makeup Mirror with Lights 6ft Stand Tripod & Adjustable Heavy Duty Mount

18†LED Video Professional Makeup Mirror with Lights 6ft Stand Tripod & Adjustable Heavy Duty Mount

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You speak luxury when you speak of this makeup mirror! If you are considering becoming a pro, this professional makeup mirror with lights would suffice. Every single problem and need of a makeup mirror has been thought over and solved by this 18″ LED Video Ring Technology.

This LED ring light mirror is made to be as tall as most people can be (6ft). It’s also mounted with a powerful LED light ring (5,500K). There’s an attachment for putting cameras, and smartphones. This way you can be watching makeup tutorial videos while teaching yourself to be impeccable at the art of makeup.

The powerful lights are dimmable to suit the light conditions of your environment, and the tripod stand is adjustable to any height that you want!

Basic features of this 18†LED video diva ring light mirror for professionals include:

  • An adjustable stand that stands up to 6 feet high.
  • Mount for DSLR and other videography and photography gadgets.
  • Photo doctor travel cases to fit everything you may use for your mirror including cameras, tripod, mirror, Smartphone mount etc.
  • Uses a plug-in appliance.

From every angle, this makeup mirror fits into each of our needs both normal and advanced. You can have your makeup sessions and still have enough facilities for video recording or taking selfies on the go while posting on YouTube. Need a studio lighting setup that’s affordable, this is your best bet.

Rounding Up

Diva ring light or ring light mirror as we know them today have been regarded as the best thing to happen to the beauty sector and is referred to as the “biggest youtube video secret†which tells a lot about the role they play in today’s beauty world.

If you are considering purchasing a lighted makeup mirror, we hope you’d take some time to go through our list of the best ring light mirror available on the market before settling with any which suits you the most.

Our top choice for individuals and everyday makeup enthusiasts is the 8†Fancii Daylight Diva Ring Light Mirror. Grabs the top spot because of its powerful magnification and sleek look. For professionals and vloggers (and soon to be beauty vloggers), we would say you should consider the 18†professional video ring light mirror. I hope you found this post about the best rated lighted makeup mirror useful? Check back later for more reviews.


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