Best Recliners for Sleeping After Shoulder Surgery [2020 Review]

Interested in a recliner to recuperate following the success of your shoulder surgery? I’ve put together this review of the best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery

After successful shoulder surgery, you might become inhibited in your ability to move around freely. Medical professionals would advise that you fix yourself in a comfortable chair or bed that will support your shoulder after surgery and make the recovery process much faster.

Thanks to recliners, you can get both a comfortable chair and a bed in one place so you wouldn’t have to move around much. Plus, experts prescribe recliners because they are soft, comfortable and can support all your body.

How long one sleeps in a recliner after a back or shoulder surgery boils down to a matter of choice, however, a few weeks to a month should be enough to recover fully.

So, did you just have shoulder surgery and your doctor has prescribed a reclining chair? Or you are planning to go under the knife and want to buy a recliner for the post-surgery recovery phase, this is for you.

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Back to the discourse, the recliner market is saturated with many good products, and picking one might become a brain-racking exercise. Save your energy.

With this article, we have narrowed your options to some of the most suitable and best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery.

Note – Some recliners on this list are pricey and some are less expensive. You have to be aware that sometimes, the most expensive is not always the best, however, you must consider your budget and find one that best suit your needs.

Our Top 5 Recliners for Sleeping After Shoulder Surgery

Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair Recliner

Best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery - Domesis renu power lift recliner

If you live with people or have kids running around the house, after surgery – like shoulder surgery, you’d be better off out of people’s way or else someone might just bump into you and hurt your shoulder.

Domesis Renu Power Lift Chair isn’t just a comfortable recliner; it can also take up a small space, say 4 inches from the wall.

The finish of this recliner was made with aesthetics in mind. And what is more? Its breathable Renu leather allows you to have a comfortable rest.

There are control buttons on the chair which you can use to position the chair to your taste – up, down or raise your feet. The soft and fully padded hand rests will gently support your arms and shoulders throughout the recovery period.

The Domesis Renu recliner wasn’t made for post-surgery purposes only, but folks with back pain and other health issues can find this product useful.

What we liked

  • Ergonomic build
  • Can support large weights, as much as 350 pounds
  • Button control makes it easy to use after a shoulder surgery

What we didn’t like 

  • Not everyone finds the wall-hanging function useful or easy to use.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa, 3 Positions  – Best for sleeping after Knee surgery

mcombo electric power recliner - best recliner for sleeping after shoulder surgery

Sometimes, after shoulder surgery, you’d be asked not to move the shoulder in any way until it has fully recovered. That means if you will have to get up, sit, or lie down, you would need support – full-body support.

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift recliner supports your whole body and raises you to a standing position without putting stress on your shoulder. It also has buttons with which you can recline the chair to the most comfortable position for your arm if you want to sleep. That not all.

The Mcombo has a vibrating and heating function to soothe other parts of your body. It also has charging ports and cup holders so you can enjoy your coffee as you are reclined to about 140˚ and watching a program on the TV. With this recliner, there is no need for moving about.

At less than 500usd, we think this recliner is awesome for its price.

What we liked

  • Easy-to-clean faux leather
  • Durable recliner
  • Can accommodate tall folks
  • Comes in colors that blend easily with home furniture

 What we didn’t like 

  • Remote control’s cord might make usage clumsy
  • Heavy chair, might need help moving it around

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Ashley yandel power lift

Most recliners were made for watching TV or maybe napping. There are few of them built with people with special needs in mind. The Yandel Power Lift Recliner is one of such. The primary goal of this reclining chair is support – eliminating the pressure from joints and helping other parts to relax.

Someone who just had shoulder surgery needs all the support he/she can get. With this recliner, you do not make efforts to lean or stand upright, all you have to do is push a button, and the dual-motor comes alive.

The Yandel Power Lift recliner also has side pouches where you can keep books, candies, and other easily needed items.

If you are on the bulky side, there are no worries. The Yandel Power lift is built to support the head and neck plus it is wide enough to contain a big fella.

One last selling point of this recliner is that it can recline into a flat position (180˚) and can be used as a makeshift bed.

For just a little over the 500 bucks mark, you should get loads of value on this one.

What we liked

  • Beautiful recliner and easy to clean/maintain
  • Oversized, for most bulky folks
  • Specifically designed for post-surgery
  • Reclines to a horizontal position
  • Thickly padded armrests
  • Durable

 What we didn’t like

  • Quite an expensive recliner

La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner-Rocker Recliner, Sand – Best for Hip Surgery Recovery

La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner for sleeping after shoulder surgery

You can term this recliner ‘the pride of the U.S’. The contemporary design of this La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner overlooks both healthy folks and those with special needs.

The soft, padded armrests can provide the needed comfort and support for your healing shoulder, plus it supports the head and neck, thus helping to coordinate the tendons and ligaments connecting the shoulder to other parts of the body.

Its selection of wood brown colors makes it easy to blend with home furniture too. So would you part with $486.79 for this recliner?

What we liked

  • Its durability and comfort
  • It rocks, which can be soothing for adults

 What we didn’t like

  • Pricey
  • Manual reclining control might require too much effort to maneuver
  • Doesn’t have side pouches or cup holders

  Franklin Serenity Manual Wall Proximity Lay Flat Recliner, Cachet Mineral

franklin proximity recliner

For total back and lumbar support, plus the comfort for your shoulder, the Franklin Serenity recliner has it all. The manually controlled recliner doesn’t exhaust space and can recline to a makeshift bed. The gel-injected foam ensures your body is thoroughly massaged and releases pressures from your joints.

The 20” seat ensures that this recliner can accommodate just anyone. The fabric of this recliner makes it easy to maintain while lasting for longer periods.

However, the starting price of this recliner is $1,515.00

What we liked

  • Aesthetic and sturdy
  • Highly comfortable
  • Suitable for recovering in after a shoulder surgery
  • Large seat for accommodating anyone

What we didn’t like

  • No remote control
  • Best for shorter folks
  • No side pouches or cup holders
  • Reclining lever might require much effort

Tips for Sleeping In a Recliner After a Shoulder Surgery

After going under the knife to correct a shoulder problem, it is hard to get comfortable, especially in the first week. However, here are several tips that can help you pamper your shoulder enough so you can sleep well till you recover fully.

 Always sleep in a reclined position

As time passes, you can gradually increase the recliner angle until you can manage a completely horizontal position. This should take 5-6 weeks at least. According to the National Institute of Health, one must avoid lying flat after a shoulder surgery until one is fully healed.

  • Do not sleep on your stomach or sides.
  • The elbow must have full support from behind. Either with pillows or placed on a recliner with padded armrests. This also allows blood to flow to the tendons connecting the shoulders as one sleeps.


Experts recommend recliners for post-surgery recovery, especially after shoulder surgery. However, if you have a comfortable mattress, it can get the job done.

Use medications 

Sometimes, the pain after a shoulder surgery might become unbearable. You can do a few things like contact your doctor immediately and take pain medications as prescribed.

Another thing to note is, shoulder pains in such conditions (after shoulder surgery) are normal and wear away with time.

Wedge Pillows

You can also make use of wedge pillows to rest your head and shoulder.

PS: Even after successful shoulder surgery, you need to avoid getting your shoulder injured in the future and you also need to learn about exercises to help you heal a lot faster. Here’s a mini-review of an ebook I’d recommend to any shoulder pain sufferer. Read our shoulder pain no more review to see how it will help you beat shoulder pain permanently, even avoiding future occurrences.

Final Words

Sleeping in a recliner after shoulder surgery is not only advisable, it is paramount. When you lie down, you can only aggravate the shoulder pain that you feel.

Some folks have attested that their use of reclining chair instead of beds –especially during the initial post-surgery weeks, helped hasten up their recovery process.

We advise that you pay attention to your budget and your needs before parting ways with your cash. Plus, you can also check on the manufacturers’ return policy in case you need to return your purchase or ask for another.

We also advise that it is best to get your recliner ready before leaving for your surgery. This is because it will cost time to make a pick, make the payment, process payment, and then ship down to your place.

The process of shipping might take a couple of days or even a week to get to you – time which you might not afford. Some people order for customized recliners and this might take weeks to get ready for shipping. So setting up the recliner before you get back from your shoulder surgery is paramount.

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