Tartar On Teeth: The Best Toothpaste for Plaque/Tartar Removal in 2020


Dental calculus or what we know as ‘tartar on teeth’ is a big problem. It typically traps stain from the food we eat and can make the teeth color change.

Usually, tartar on teeth can be a menacing problem which is best removed by a dentist, however, if the tartar is still in its formative stages – best known as plaque (these tartar/plaque deposits typically build up as we get older and with poor dental care), you can use any of the recommended toothpaste for tartar/plaque removal.

Here are our top-choice of tartar removing toothpaste:

How Plaque/Tartar on Teeth Forms

Plaque! At some point, we’ve all got it. You know, that sticky and colorless formation on the teeth where bacteria thrive. The rubbing of plaque against the teeth often feels fuzzy and the former on its own isn’t noticeable. You can only see plaque when you haven’t had your brush for the day.

When you leave foods that contain starches and sugars (carbohydrates) to hang in your teeth, it is the quickest way for plaques to develop. Soft drinks, raisins, cakes, milk, candy, or anything of that sort are good for bacteria to habit and form plaque.

When plaque forms on your teeth, the resulting acids only need a matter of time before they gradually ruin your tooth enamel. When this happens, tooth decay begins almost immediately.

Plaque can also find its way into the base of your tooth root, leading to the ultimate destruction of the support that a particular tooth gets from the bones.

There are several ways plaque can be prevented or handled.

Brushing twice daily with a soft, round-tipped brush is a way of keeping plaque at bay. Most experts recommend tubes of toothpaste that contain fluoride. An anti-bacterial mouthwash plus regular trips to the dentist every six months is also recommended to keep plaque at bay.

On the other hand, tartar is scarier because it is hardened plaque. When plaque is allowed to thrive long enough, it is sure to harden and stick as tartar.

Tartar is responsible for trapping any food stains that eventually leads to the disgusting discoloration of the teeth. Tartar formation is so strong that you can only rely on a professional prescription to help you. Dental professionals will mostly prescribe some special toothpaste for tackling the problem.

Talking about kinds of toothpaste, some were made for specific purposes. This is why there are specific tubes of toothpaste for gingivitis, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, toothpaste for bad breath, and more. Although a good number of pastes are meant to help you clean your teeth and mouth, some are specifically made to handle issues related to dentition as said earlier including plaques and tartar removal.

Best Toothpaste for Tartar/Plaque Removal

Now that said, you should be looking for not just any toothpaste to help in tackling the formation of tartar, but the best toothpaste for tartar on teeth removal you can find. So, what’s the best toothpaste for tartar/plaque removal?

Immediately you discover you have plaque or tartar forming in your mouth and teeth, the hunt for suitable toothpaste begins.

Most fluoride toothpaste tubes are good in flushing plaque out and not allowing it to turn into the hardened tartar. However, having tartar isn’t the end of the world. With regular brushing and flossing, the stubborn substance can be eliminated completely from the teeth.

According to the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental, Bryan Laskin, “Plaque can be washed off with little effort. What causes a lot of issues is the hardened plaque (tartar) which gets calcified and may require professional attention and a check-up of up to 6 months.”

What must be absorbed is that the formulas that would be prescribed are ones that are loaded with pyrophosphate and fluoride. While the fluoride helps defend and make the enamel become stronger, the pyrophosphate ensures the plaque doesn’t harden, thereby becoming the troublesome tartar.

Some formulas (toothpaste tubes) contain additional ingredients to help identify plaque. For instance, the Plaque HD Anti-Cavity toothpaste is known for turning plaque to green color then you will know where you must add efforts while brushing.

Those who are after whitening of their teeth would find formulas with baking soda quite useful.

Let us see some of the best toothpaste for plaque/tartar removal.

Natural Formula: Parabens, Sulfates, and Fluoride-free

There are a number of natural formulas that don’t contain fluoride, sulfates, or even parabens and yet are excellent in fighting plaque existence, hence discourages the formation of tartar.

Such kinds of toothpaste are mostly loaded with ingredients such as tea tree oil, perilla, or grapefruit seed extracts.


Although it is a purely natural formula, this toothpaste boasts of the same potency as the popular chemical-laden ones. The tea tree oil extract helps to keep harmful bacteria at bay while other components like cinnamon oil give your mouth a nice taste.


Plaque-Excavating Formulas

best toothpaste for tartar removal - HD plaque identifying toothpaste

As earlier said, there are tubes of toothpaste that will help you identify the presence of plaque in your dentition so that you know exactly where you must brush with an extra effort. Since plaques are colorless, it might be difficult to identify. However, this category of toothpaste will open up any camouflaging plaque by turning it into green color.

You can then identify hiding plaque and cleanse it out with your brush. So it means that instead of just brushing randomly hard, you can do it in a smarter and more efficient way with this formula.

Unlike the natural formulas, this toothpaste contains compounds like pyrophosphate and fluoride which are important in keeping your mouth fresh and healthy.

One of the best toothpaste in his category is the PLAQUE HD ANTI CAVITY TOOTHPASTE.


Anti Plaque Whitening Toothpaste

This category of toothpaste can be considered as a combo. It helps brush off tartar, prevents plaque from developing long enough, and also gives teeth the elusive shine.

This toothpaste contains pyrophosphate, fluoride, and baking soda. The pyrophosphate and fluoride help to keep plaque from calcifying and keeps the mouth fresh and healthy. The baking soda component is what actually scrubs off traces of hardened tartar and reveals the true whiteness of the teeth.

One of the best toothpaste in his category is the CREST TARTAR PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE.

Besides the excellent plaque/tartar removal and teeth-brightening properties of this 4.6-ounce tube toothpaste, it still possesses a fresh minty taste. Most kinds of toothpaste having baking soda in them often have a salt-like aftertaste. But not Crest Toothpaste.

Our Final Thoughts on Toothpaste for Tartar Removal…

Plaque smells as badly as tartar and must not be allowed to thrive. They can also increase the risk of tooth decay and loss, tooth enamel destruction, and other dental issues. 

There are several ways of removing plaque/tartar. Some individuals use a dental sealant to prevent cavities from forming while others rely on tubes of toothpaste that can prevent the condition from happening.

Most dentists prescribe special tubes of toothpaste in not-so-serious cases. However, if the plaque has developed into tartar, cooperating with your dentist is one of the best ways to regain your dental health.


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