Eyelash Extension Training: What You Need to Know About Lash Extension Training

eyelash extension training without certificate

Eyelash extension training could be the next big thing and getting involved in learning the ropes is what you need right now.  As much as there is a constant buzz in the beauty products industry, there are more and more creative cosmetic products that render users enthralled. From perfect-looking artificial or natural Brazilian hair, well … Read more

Tanning Salon Near Me: Find the Best Tanning Places near You 2020

Tanning salon near me

For some people, getting that perfect tanned body means visiting tanning salons, which is why there’s been a spike in searches for queries like “tanning bed near meâ€, “tanning places near me†and “tanning salon near meâ€. If you are one of such people, then this article is for you. It’s summertime and getting that … Read more

Acrylic Powder: How is this ‘Fake Nails’ Secret Ingredient Made?

acrylic powder

Everyone knows that acrylic powder is the backbone of fake nails… But how many of us know just how this ‘secret ingredient’ is made? If you’d like to understand how acrylic is made, you’d first know basic chemistry. I mean the basic knowledge of how such polymers are made. This would bring you to knowing … Read more

Ring Light Mirror: 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror You Should Own

The best ring light mirror 2019 - Mirrorvana Motion Sensor LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Ring light for makeup otherwise called ring light mirror or diva lights has become a trending beauty kit. This is why many beauty kit makers now offer this lighted makeup mirror to provide the lights needed for a sparkling make-over session. You cannot undervalue the importance of a ring light mirror. This is probably why … Read more

SNS Nails: SNS Nail Colors, SNS Dipping Powder Reviews 2022

sns nails dipping powder

If you are craving a longer-lasting manicure (who doesn’t anyway?), a manicure which can resist chipping, is strong but looks light, looks natural and the setting doesn’t require UV lights – then it’s time to look towards the trending SNS Nails and consider opting for these SNS Nail dipping powder. But first, let’s take a … Read more

7 Key Skin Care Routine for Ladies in Their 20s, 30s

steady facial cleansing

Skincare is a huge topic that everyone wants as much information as possible. Body whitening is also something most ladies actually crave but require the right information to start. Ladies require even more information and practices at their early 20s as that’s when you must follow through with a good routine to improve your looks … Read more

5 Best Essential Oil Brands on Amazon [2022 Reviews]

best essential oil brands

There’s a growing awareness of the tremendous power in essential oils. And with this interest in concentrated plant extracts is an equivalent rise in essential oil brands on the market looking to take advantage. As this industry isn’t heavily regulated, finding genuine essential oil brands could be akin to navigating the deep waters. In this … Read more