Complete Guide to CBD Products 2022: CBD Pain Cream, CBD Vape Liquide, Cannabidiol Oil, CBD for Pets, and CBD Gummies

CBD Products

Have you been considering opting for a natural treatment with CBD? No doubt you’d have come across a plethora of options on the market regarding hemp CBD products.

Options are definitely encouraged, as it tells you that indeed, hemp CBD has therapeutic benefits. But on the flip side, a lot of options may leave you confused.

I’d be breaking down these options, leaving you with the much-needed summary to assist in your decision making regarding the choice of CBD products to go with. Let’s start.




This is the fan-favorite CBD option. It comes in bottles as either an oil or water-based supplement. It’s to be ingested twice daily (morning and evening), feel free to enjoy it while lying in bed. Typically, you should ingest oils and tinctures by placing them under the tongue (sublingually), this way absorption happens rapidly.

A major benefit is they are highly pure and do not require preservatives. But a few manufacturers seem to consider your taste buds and place a few drops of flavorings in CBD oils. If you decide to go with liquid CBD products, be sure that there aren’t ‘extra’ artificial ingredients added. Foreign chemicals and preservatives can disrupt the entire reason for choosing supplements to improve your health.

CBD extract can be produced using many oils as a base. Some of the commonly used oils include coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and grapeseed oil.

The most potent and synergistic formula is a dilution of hemp seed oil and CBD extract. With this formula, a powerful ‘entourage’ effect is achieved. Studies conducted with various CBD agents confirmed that hempseed oil supersedes all others as the most potent agent for CBD. Hempseed oil increases the bio-availability of CBD by preventing stomach acids from breaking it down.

More so, hempseed oil is christened “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” for having a perfectly balanced essential fatty acids (EFAs) 3:1 ratio. That is Omega 3: Omega 6 which is ideal for long term consumption.

The method of extraction of the CBD from its plant material is another crucial point to look into. Harsh solvents like propane or butane may be used in the extraction of CBD oils which makes them relatively cheaper.

But looking at it from another side, a cheaper extraction process can be detrimental to your health, as these toxic substances may leave residues in the product. So far, the Supercritical CO2 extraction process is perfect for the production of hemp CBD oil. In this method, carbon dioxide (CO2) is used under pressure for the isolation of cannabinoids numbering over 100 from hemp in its rawest form. This method is mostly used by top manufacturers who proudly indicate it.

You can compare different products by expressing CBD concentration as percentages. Do this by dividing the CBD amount (in milligrams) by the amount of CBD ointment in the bottle. For instance, a 10 ml bottle equals 10,000 mg. Therefore, 500 mg of CBD for a 10 ml bottle is 500/10,000 x 100/1 = 5%.

Typically, the effects of higher doses of CBD will be evident. You should begin with a smaller concentration of about 5%. For a few days, you can observe the effect and adjust accordingly. If you’re not seeing your desired effects after about 5-7 days, you can begin increasing your dosage.

It’s noteworthy to mention that CBD oil/tinctures being natural holistic remedies may not give out the expected results as quick as pharmaceutical drugs do. The majority of pharmaceutical drugs are made to alleviate symptoms by acting chemically, they don’t go about mobilizing internal resources in a bid to heal the body in a gradual process.

For optimal results with CBD, take at least a week to monitor as observations indicate that the body begins accumulating and optimally using CBD in about a week.



CBD gummies and softgels are so far, the second most popular way in which people take CBD. They are also a very convenient method as you can take them everywhere and even on the go.

You can mix active ingredients like turmeric into capsules if you’d like to use it for specific conditions and need the effect to be more pronounced.


Where are the vape lovers at? You can deliver CBD through the lungs with the vape liquid. Through vaping, CBD gets into the bloodstream a lot faster. The use of the CBD vape liquid is best if you’re looking to combat problems affecting your chest area.

There’s one quick warning about the CBD vape liquid though. Due to its viscosity which is typically too thick for vaporizers, the use of thinning agents that are chemically-based is favored by most companies. The problem is, some of these may be detrimental especially following continued, long-term usage. Be sure to read labels carefully, and always do your own research regarding ingredients you’re not familiar with.


The market still regards this as an innovation to be explored. Unlike the typical energy drinks that contain caffeine, you know, for the energy, CBD is used. CBD addition means no jitters and you feel perfect, with a lot more energy enabling you to have more focus. Office workers and students would get the most benefits from having this CBD product.


CBD balms are typically combined with other CBD products so that you’d get a better effect on relieving pain in places like the joints. With cannabinoids having the most concentration at the location they are applied, using balms on such places can skyrocket the effects you’d normally experience with oral CBD.



It’s common knowledge that humans adore their pets and wants what’s best for them. Following the discovery of the immeasurable benefits of hemp CBD, our beloved pets started getting some of the CBD love. For some people, the effects of CBD are not very pronounced, but pets, dogs especially feel the magic instantly. Dogs of all ages including older dogs riddled with arthritis get pumped, playful, and active. A specialized company rightly said, “we are haven’t come across any dog that didn’t feel the impact of CBD treats”. If you’ve got dogs with separation anxiety, CBD treats do wonders for them.


CBD cosmetics are setting a major trend in the CBD market. There are quite a lot of CBD receptors in the skin, coupled with the protective, anti-cancer CBD benefits they definitely sit perfectly with sunscreens and the assortment of anti-age creams. While we are at it, here’s an unorthodox suggestion for you.

Consider using 100% all-natural plant CBD extract oil for the duration of 3 to 4 weeks instead of going for your usual chemically enhanced products. Here’s why. CBD, unlike the “alien” chemicals, is a wholesome remedy. It harnesses and modulates internal body resources thereby generating an optimum balance.

CBD Aphrodisiacs/sex enhancement pills

cbd sex pills

CBD aphrodisiacs are also a thing, so if you are looking for a natural CBD pill to take last longer in bed or to increase your libido, these herbal pills are what you need.

Rounding off, there’s something you should know. Published CBD research findings from the last several years have been incredible! There haven’t been any worrisome side-effects reported. This begs the question, what’s really stopping you from trying out this phenomenal natural medicine? Jump on board ASAP so you can verify its effectiveness in the improvement of your health and general wellbeing.

If you would like to try natural organic CBD products, I’ll recommend Plants Not Pills, they stock some of the best CBD products from pain relief to pet treats, balms and aphrodisiacs, and more.


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