Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss?

Maui Moisture is a popular brand recognized for its hair care products. Made specifically to nourish wavy and curly locks fully, the brand concentrates on creating formulas inspired by ingredients seen in the tropical islands of Hawaii.

In 2020, the brand obtained the Best New Beauty Award by She Finds. But can Maui Moisture cause hair loss? Is this brand worthy of its massive status, or are they just in the murky waters at best?

This guide will take an in-depth look at the brand and answer some of your most hard-pressed questions on Maui Moisture, such as, “does Maui moisture cause hair loss?” If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Does Maui Moisture cause hair loss?

Keep in mind that there’s a lack of scientific proof to back up claims that Maui Moisture can cause hair loss. The ingredients found in the product could be used for promoting healthy hair and moisturizing skin.

On top of that, the brand has been around for more than three decades, and there is no proof of any connection between its products and hair loss. There are also a lot of products in the market that have the same ingredients as Maui Moisture but don’t cause hair loss.

Is Maui Moisture good for damaged hair?

Yes. One of the benefits of using Maui Moisture is that it can help thicken and restore your hair. Their shampoo with bamboo fibers has a strengthening formula that helps avoid brittle curls to their fullest density and bounce.

The shampoo helps in transitioning hair and eliminates breakage and damage. It also improves the follicles of strands, limits hair fall, and makes thin hairs thicker and bouncier.

The Maui Moisture Thickens & Restores Shampoo is also formulated with organic and vegan products. The shampoo is free from synthetic dyes, parabens, and sulfates. It also has no adverse effects on dyed or color-treated hairs.

Are Maui hair products safe?

According to their website, most of the brand’s conditioners and shampoos begin with deionized, chemically treated water as their main ingredient. Maui moistures begin with a unique combination with aloe vera and are infused with pure coconut water.

Here is the list of the ingredients that can be found in their products:

  • Macadamia seed oil

Maui’s Macadamia Ternifolia oil is a hair shampoo that safeguards the hair from damage. It also conditions and nourishes it. It stops split ends so that the hair won’t look rough, damaged, or fried. It also improves the hair’s overall quality by offering it shine and volume, making it shinier and healthier.

  • Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice

Maui shampoo also includes this ingredient. Clinical research has proven that Aloe leaf juice can improve hair growth and lessen hair loss. The aloe leaf juice also moisturizes the scalp and makes a protective layer that improves circulation and rejuvenates the hair.

  • Citric acid

Hair shampoo with citric acids functions as a cleansing agent and antioxidant. It efficiently eliminates oil and dirt from the scalp while giving it a renewed look.

Given that it doesn’t have additives or chemicals that could cause reactions if used for an extended time, the citric acid used in Maui shampoo can be safely used on skin and hair.

  • PPG-2 Hydroxyethyl Cocamide

This compound has been utilized in hair products as a natural humectant for many years. It can bind water molecules to the atmosphere, preventing water loss. This ingredient in Maui’s products is safe to use on skin and hair, and it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that could cause allergic reactions when used for a longer time.

  • Laureth-4

Hair products with this ingredient act as emulsifying agents. That indicates that it helps combine water-based and oil-based ingredients to distribute them throughout the shampoo evenly.

That’s because the water content of the liquid stops the hair from drying out. On the other hand, oils nourish the hair and offer it a shiny, healthy look. The Laureth-4 shampoo in Maui Moisture is safe to use on skin and hair.

  • Glycol distearate

This ingredient helps stop the hair from losing water. That’s why it’s considered an efficient agent to preserve volume in the hair. That ingredient also has conditioning properties, offering the hair a fluffy and soft look while locking in moisture.

  • Polyquaternium-6

This ingredient is not your typical shampoo ingredient. It works by strengthening the bonds between your hair’s surface proteins. It leads to stronger hair, less split ends, flyaway, and smoother hair. It’s safe to apply to hair and skin.

  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Coconut oil is the main ingredient in Maui Moisture’s products. This help to protect and repair the hair from environmental damage like pollution and sun exposure. It also locks out humidity and helps restore moisture, leading to hair that’s smooth and manageable.

  • Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract

This ingredient is used in hair products to soothe delicate scalp conditions such as redness, dryness, and itching. It can repair damaged hair and add some shine, making the hair look healthy and shiny.

  • Cocos Nucifera Water

Also known as a coconut water extract, this ingredient is a perfect moisturizer for the scalp and hair. It is also a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent and helps eliminate dirt and oil from hair. It also stops any bacteria buildup that could result in hair thinning or hair loss.

  • Menthol

Menthol does not benefit the scalp or hair health but serves as an aroma component. Maui shampoo is a good option for people with thin, oily, dry, or hair loss.

  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

This ingredient works by making a proactive layer on the scalp, which helps avoid excessive moisture loss. This is rich in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A and E, helping maintain healthy skin and hair. Also, shea butter safeguards the skin against dangerous UV rays.

  • Aqua

Most Maui shampoos have water, which can be a good source of moisture for hair. It doesn’t irritate the scalp, even when it comes in contact with open pores.

What hair type is Maui Moisture for?

Maui Moisture is a product that is perfect for wavy hair. It has been proven and tested to be useful for people with this hair type. Also, the products of Maui have various types of ingredients that are perfect for wavy and curly hair, such as jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and aloe vera.

Their products also have various moisturizers such as olive oil, coconut oil, and macadamia oil that are all perfect for wavy or curly hair. They add moisture to the hair strands while helping them stay hydrated.

Is Maui moisture safe for color-treated hair?

It seems yes. The brand explained that Maui Moisture is safe for color-treated or highlighted hair. The luxurious formulas found in their products won’t bleach out your hair highlights or colors, not to mention they are also sulfate-free.

Does Maui Moisture good for dry scalp?

Maui Moisture is a popular brand for people who have dry scalp problems. It is a famous option for most women as it has established a great reputation in the hair community. Its products don’t contain any toxic or dangerous ingredients for the scalp.

Does Maui Moisture good for thinning hair?

Yes, they are. There has been a widespread misconception that Maui products are not good for treating thinning hair. But this is far from the truth. In reality, Maui products help treat those problems.

The shampoo makes the hair look healthy and shiny without too much effort, keeps the scalp moisturized, and helps control dandruff. 

Does Maui Moisture good for low porosity hair?

In case you didn’t know yet, low porosity hair refers to hair that has small pore sizes. Cuticles with low porosity function as protections against nutrient and moisture absorption.

Normally, Maui shampoos are perfect for hair with such conditions. They are ideal for all hair types, but it’s specifically made for hair with low porosity. It has unique botanical extracts, which can heal scalp issues and help keep healthy hair naturally without making them flat and greasy.

Does Maui Moisture shampoo have DMDM?

No. Maui Moisture products are free of DMDM. DMDM hydantoin is utilized as a microbial agent or preservative in shampoos to keep them fresh and bacteria-free. It’s also considered a formaldehyde donor, meaning it releases trivial amounts of formaldehyde to keep the shampoo free of any contaminants.

Fortunately, Maui doesn’t have such an ingredient. DMDM can be prevented by reading labels before buying any product. Maui has sodium cocoyl extortionate—a sulfate derived from coconuts.

Does Maui Moisture shampoo have sulfate?

Every time you use your favorite shampoo, you often feel foam and lather from sulfates. Maui shampoo doesn’t have any sulfates, harsh substances, or chemicals that can irritate the scalp. Nonetheless, it has ingredients that relax the hair and leave no damage or residue.

Does Maui Moisture have Diazolidinyl urea?

Diazolidinyl Urea is an antimicrobial preservative that enhances product safety and longevity. Products without preservatives like Diazolidinyl Urea can spoil. It is a water-soluble preservative considered safe at concentrations up to 0.5%. Maui Moisture has this ingredient in its products. It often comes in a fine white powder.

Is Maui Moisture good for straight hair?

One thing to remember about Maui Moisture is that it helps with all hair types, including straight hair. Still, it’s specifically formulated for people who have an itchy, frizzy, or dry scalp. Further, it moisturizes the hair without leaving them feeling oily, not to mention it eliminates tangles fast.

Overall, Maui is good for both curly and straight hair. These conditioners and shampoos are cheaper than those with harsh chemicals and formulated over time to keep wavy and curly hair tangle-free and healthy.

Is Maui Moisture curly girl approved?

Yes, it is. With regular use, you will notice improvements in the health of your hair strands, which are unique selling points of each of their products. Further, your strands are deeply moisturized and repaired, leaving a bouncy and shiny effect on the curls.

Does Maui Moisture phthalate-free?

Phthalates are utilized as gelling agents in some shampoos. They are also seen in conditioners, hairsprays, and mousses. They help soften and lubricate other substances, improve spreadability, improve absorption, and help to make fragrances last a long longer.

But take note that these are toxic substances often used as “plasticizers” that are added to vinyl and plastics to make them more durable and flexible. They are proven to be endocrine disruptors and are dangerous to human health.

Fortunately, Maui Moisture is free of these substances.

Does Maui Moisture have alcohol?

Alcohols in hair products allow the hair to dry fast because their structures let it evaporate fast. It also creates dry and frizzy hair, roughens the hair’s cuticles, and eliminates water and oil. So, if moisture retention is your goal, then products containing such ingredients must be avoided.

Upon checking their product ingredients, Maui Moisture doesn’t have any alcohol.

What shampoo is not good for your hair?

Many shampoos in the market are extremely harmful to the hair. And it is essential to be aware of those.

Most hair products have specific ingredients that are bad and potentially damaging to the hair and your overall health. Such ingredients have been associated with neurotoxicity, asthma, hormone disruption, and cancer.

If you notice the following ingredients in your favorite shampoo, then it’s time you ditch them.

  • Artificial fragrances
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sulfates
  • Coal tar
  • Parabens
  • Alcohol
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
  • Butylene glycol
  • Dimethicone
  • Triclosan
  • Mineral oil
  • Resorcinol
  • Phthalates
  • Toluene
  • Colors
  • Retinyl palmitate
  • Quaternium-15


To sum up, does Maui moisture cause hair loss? No, they are not.

There’s no doubt that Maui Moisture has some of the best shampoos for curly and wavy hair on the market. Their entire product line is amazing, too, because of their natural ingredients and the absence of silicones and other chemicals the products.

Not all their products will score highly, but most of them are amazing, especially if you are following the CG routine.

Like all other good brands, you may encounter some things you do not like about them. However, as long as you can get the products that suit your hair’s needs and is not damaging, there’s nothing you must be afraid of.