Eyelash Extension Training: What You Need to Know About Lash Extension Training

Eyelash extension training could be the next big thing and getting involved in learning the ropes is what you need right now. 

As much as there is a constant buzz in the beauty products industry, there are more and more creative cosmetic products that render users enthralled. From perfect-looking artificial or natural Brazilian hair, well done SNS Nails to perfectly tattooed eyebrows and look-enhancing fake eyelashes, people tend not to be able to get enough of the ever-innovative industry.

One part that cannot be ignored is the artificial eyelashes. The artificial eyelashes can change you from a common look to a superstar look. While cosmetics lovers are still in the buzz of the eyelashes invention, there has been another innovation; the eyelash extension.

The beginning of Lash extension training

The company, Hollywood lashes were the first company to launch this product back in 2005. Unsurprisingly, after that launch, today there are over 3600 beauty salons (in the UK alone) and even more in the US that have introduced these eyelash extensions into their services, and it has so far proven to be a huge goldmine.

Eyelash extension is simple to apply and very cost-effective, not to mention being a lucrative business as the product is what is in vogue today.

For individuals who are willing to go into the eyelash extension application as a business or wish to know it for themselves only, there are available eyelash extension training without license courses to help you achieve that.

Today the world is a global village; you can learn eyelash extension training online, as there are multiple tutorial videos on YouTube.

Most people, because of their schedule, may not find the time to be physically present in training centers while others may not be able to practice confidently in front of others. That is why this online eyelash extension training is all the more a widely embraced idea as people can learn at their own pace.

The online extension eyelash training is carried out by many beauty tutoring companies, and they teach the different techniques involved in:

  • One by one eyelash extension
  • Eyelash extension shaping and
  • Eyelash extension styling.

All of these techniques are done or demonstrated for the students to see and then they are eventually asked to repeat it on a plastic human head.

As time goes on, the students should be able to perfect their skills in the art and subsequently be able to replicate the same on a real human.

Learning Lash extension online

When you do the eyelash extension training online, there is flexibility as you can learn at your own pace and free time. Normally, the eyelash extension online training lasts for 1 – 3 days at most but you can always go back and reuse saved videos.

It may be worthy to note that the eyelash extension online training consists of two simple parts;

  • the theoretical and the practical parts.
  • The theoretical parts take students through the rigors of learning;
  • The physiology and structural makeup of the eyelash.
  • The art of decontamination, i.e. the safe practices and right first aid in case of emergency.
  • Types and kinds of eyelash extensions and different styling.
  • Care and maintenance of the eyelash extensions.
  • Dying (tinting) practices of the eyelash extension
  • Turning of the eyelash extension knowledge into a lucrative business etc.
  • The practical part of this training involves learning:
  • The rightful positioning of the hands for application of the extension
  • several techniques of tape and patch applications
  • how to use either one hand or two hands to do single eyelash extension isolation.
  • safe application of adhesive (professional).
  • about the techniques of one-by-one eyelash extension application
  • exactly how to refill and remove eyelash extension,
  • necessary skills involved in achieving the correct alignment of the eyelash extension and its correction if messed up, etc.

Whether you want private courses or the general course, most companies that offer the eyelash extension training online tend to be very flexible in their schedule, and that means students can have unlimited access to their training anytime they desire.

Benefits of Eyelash extension training

Without over flogging the issue, there are many benefits of this lash extension training especially the online eyelash extension training.

  • First off, the “online” means there is much flexibility in the schedule as you can choose when you can learn comfortably without having to go through the rigors of attending the eyelash extension training centers.
  • Reduced expenses as well as stress: Even if you have a car, you might need to fuel it from time to time if the tutorial center is far from your home. However, taking your lessons online not only gives you freedom but also saves you some expenses and stress.
  • Certification as an added advantage: After your training, you are bound to have a certificate. With this certificate, you can become a trusted brand, unlike someone who doesn’t have one. In our country where everything has to be legalized, you need the certificate to hold your own down.

After the training:

  • Be your own boss: Little needs to be said about the importance of being self-employed, being your own boss. The corporate world takes a lot from us, both time and sometimes friends. But if you are your own boss, you can choose when you work and when you don’t. This will create more time for you to be with your loved ones and can create more room for happiness.
  • Increasing income: If you already have another job, the knowledge of this eyelash extension application might mean a second stream of income for you. It surely is a welcome idea considering the lucrative-ness of the business and the cushion it will give against a dilapidated economy like what the world is going through today.
  • You can gain exposure through the internet, and you might want to teach others the knowledge that you have, and of course, they will be willing to pay for it!

Conclusively, the craze for artificial beauty products has presented the chance for many people to make abundant wealth. It is advisable that you seize this opportunity and register for online eyelash extension training course today. This way you tap into the endless wealth of opportunities in the beauty sector.

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