Goodbye Grey Review 2021: Is this the most effective anti-gray hair pill available?

UPDATE: Goodbye Grey is no longer in business. I have updated this post to redirect to links of other top trusted anti-gray pills available on the market today. You can also visit our best anti-gray hair pills list for up-to-date information. 

Today, I’ll take it back to combating graying hair using a powerful anti grey hair pill called Goodbye Grey, a potent supplement to stop grey hair.

In this goodbye grey review, I’ll talk about its effectiveness (which includes ingredients), the pros and cons of using this supplement, and of course how to use it if you decide to follow our recommendations and purchase a bottle.

Let’s begin by talking about graying and how it affects everyone – male or female.

Going Grey and What to do

At a point in life, we’ll grow grey – both men and women. While some factions of the society regard this to be a beautiful indication of aging, some are disgusted and tend to hide it.

It is noteworthy that going grey may not necessarily be a factor of age. Some people grey in their 20s to 30s. Whereas some others won’t show any signs of graying till their 70s.

Several factors influence graying including:

  • Stress
  • Lifestyle decisions like smoking
  • Genetics
  • Chemicals found in hair products and dyes
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Medical conditions and more.

Considering that there are several causative factors that can influence graying, different people react differently to having one or a few strands of grey hair.

Anyway, today’s post isn’t to discuss in-depth the causes of graying in people but to review one of the products touted as the best anti-gray hair supplement on the market – Goodbye Grey.

Goodbye Grey Review

Goodbye Grey Pills

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A product of Bauer Nutrition, Goodbye Grey is a proven anti-grey hair formula that helps in reversing signs of aging and graying hair.

Made with natural ingredients with essential nutrients healthy for hair color reversal and hair development, goodbye grey promises prompt hair color reversal with no need for any expensive hair treatment.

This product is especially for people who can’t stand their hair losing its coloration.

Since graying affects people’s ego making them insecure, many online marketers capitalize on this to litter the marketplace with a plethora of toxic substances with the promise to reverse gray hair permanently.

If you have tried other brands without results, Bauer Nutrition’s Goodbye Grey brings hope as it packs nutrients and ingredients that are scientifically proven to help with reversing gray hair and there’s a huge customer base with grey hair reversal success stories.

Ingredients of Goodbye Grey

To feed your curiosity, Goodbye Grey is made from purely natural extracts and mixed with quality ingredients to form a reliable formula.

The supplement contains smaller ingredients like zinc, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B6, and biotin.

However, the prominent ingredients are horsetail, catalase, saw palmetto, plant sterols, PABA, chlorophyll, barley grass powder, nettle root, L-tyrosine, and fo-ti powder.

The formula also consists of gelatin, calcium carbonate, and magnesium stearate, which are classified under inactive ingredients.


An anomaly in the availability of the enzyme, catalase is a first step in the journey to greying and thinning hair. That is why Goodbye Grey features a high amount of catalase concentration, to help reverse this occurrence.

The compound is gotten from extracts from natural minerals and herbal compounds.

Here are some of the active ingredients in Goodbye Grey and how they perform.

Saw Palmetto

This extract is important in the health industry and is used in making some drugs. It works wonders in helping the development and maintenance of thick, colorful, and healthy hair.

Besides being useful for growing healthy hair, saw palmetto improves prostate health especially in men.


Horsetail is also an important compound in medicine and pharmaceuticals. The plant extract contains some anti-inflammatory elements as well as antioxidants.

Besides these, horsetail is useful in helping to improve the texture and quality of hair and also prevents greying.


Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA if you like, is a compound found in large quantities in folic acid. In research published on WebMD, PABA is useful in promoting healthy hair, reduces greying and thinning, as well as fights against certain skin problems.


The addition of L-tyrosine provides a different level of care. It is an amino acid that mainly caters to physical and mental performance. Therefore, while you are busy looking good, this compound is also protecting your mental health.

Tyrosine is converted into melanin by another enzyme called tyrosinase and the product (melanin) is then moved into the keratinocytes, which is responsible for giving your hair its color.

That means the less tyrosine in your body, the more color you lose and hence the faster you go onto greyness.

Nettle Root

Hair loss is especially caused by the production of DHT. That is where nettle root comes in because research shows that the compound can hinder the production of this hormone by a whopping 85%.

Therefore, it plays a role in helping you grow a healthy lock of hair.


Popularly called plant sterols, beta-sitosterol is one substance with multiple health benefits. Its goodness ranges from sexual health to cholesterol reduction as well as hair health.

It is common to see men with grey hair using a mixture of plant sterols and saw palmetto to salvage the situation or re-grow their hair in case of thinning or loss.  Guess what, that combination is found in Goodbye Grey!

Chlorophyll and Barley Grass Powder

Barley grass powder contains more than 75% chlorophyll and these help in multiple ways to promote the overall health of the blood and kidney.

Chlorophyll is converted to hemoglobin when it gets into your body and this helps in producing more blood, which is responsible for transporting oxygen and other nutrients all over your body for the promotion of overall health including the hair.

How to Use the Goodbye Grey Supplement

Two tablets of the supplement should be consumed daily alongside your meals. You have to keep using the supplements consistently until you notice the changes in your hair complexion.

Pros and Cons of Using the Goodbye Grey Supplement

There are numerous pros of spending your money on the Goodbye Grey supplement from Bauer Nutrition.

The manufacturers ensure that quality is what they stand for, as this is the only way to keep customers satisfied and loyal.  That is why when you buy this product, you should have confidence because:

  • You’re consuming a formula made from all-natural compounds 100% so there is no room for toxic reactions of any sort.
  • The formula is made from ingredients that have been tested to positively affect the production of healthy hair as well as the reversal of greyness or any other indicators of aging.
  • You have a 2-month trial and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

However, we did not like a few things about this product.

  • There are not many reviews posted out there from customers who have found this product helpful or not. Therefore, it becomes a tough one for potential buyers who need a little nudge to be convinced.
  • The price is another thing that caused us to frown at this product. A bottle costs around $45. Although considering the value and effectiveness this supplement brings to the table, $45 is a small fee.

Bottom Line

If you like the grey looks on your hair, fine. However, if it makes you insecure and you want fast and reliable drugs to reverse the occurrence and bring your confidence back, Goodbye Grey is highly advisable.

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