Goyard Wallet – Another One from the Secretive Manufacturer

Ever heard of Maison Goyard? They are a Paris France based luxury designer and manufacturer of quality Goyard wallet, Goyard handbags, Goyard belt, and several other Goyard products.

Goyard according to the French manufacturer produces quality products which are not changeable every season. They are rather meant to last, making them ideal gift items.

The manufacturer has four distinct product lines which are:

  • Goyard Travel Goods: The goods are essential travel requirements like Goyard trunks, Goyard trolley cases, Goyard hat cases, Goyard hard-sided luggage, Goyard vanity cases, and weekender bags. No matter what you are looking for to help you enjoy the perfect getaway, Goyard has something for you.
  • Goyard Collection: The Goyard collection is an exhaustive list of bags for everyone both male and female. The collection includes Goyard handbags, Goyard tote bags, Goyard pouches, Goyard clutches, and Goyard briefcases. The collection also has a wide range of matching accessories which includes Goyard wallet, Goyard checkbook covers, Goyard change purses, Goyard business-card holders and so on.
  • Goyard Special Orders: The Paris, France based luxury designer also offers custom-made special orders to bring the wildest dreams to reality. It doesn’t matter what product you’d like to have custom made, Goyard can help achieve this. Some of the highly sort-after Goyard custom orders are trunks and luggage. Custom made Goyard wallet is also a top favorite of accessory lovers. All goyard special order items like goyard wallet are hand-made, and each piece is entirely unique just like in the 19th century when the brand started out.
  • Goyard Pet Accessories: The final list of the lineup of Goyard products is the pet accessories. This lineup started as far back as the 19th century by the company founder Edmond Goyard. The lineup is called Chic du Chien which means Canine chic. The Goyard pet accessories include such items for pets as Goyard collars, Goyard dishes, and Goyard leashes. The product lineup is sold exclusively at the Chic du Chien boutique which is located at 352, rue Saint-Honore in Paris, France.

Where to buy Goyard Wallet

The France Company doesn’t engage in any sort of e-commerce, so don’t attempt buying Goyard products online. Goyard wallet like all other Goyard products (including Goyard handbags) is sold exclusively at the various Goyard boutiques spread across the world.

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