Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s another 14th February, and once again, we’re all celebrating the season of love. A lot generally happens on St. Valentine’s Day which is celebrated every year.

For most people, it’s a time to show a loved one or spouse just how special they are with cards, flowers and other romantic gift ideas changing hands. Far away couples who don’t want be left out of the festival of love exchange letters, text messages, WhatsApp messages, and the likes. For those lovers who’re fortunate to be near each other, their day may be planned to include a romantic meal in a restaurant of choice, a valentine’s day getaway maybe on a cruise ship or a speedboat, a private time in a beach resort and finally a night in a hotel. Valentine’s Day has several symbols including Cupid, red roses and hearts.

Common Questions about Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine’s Day Specifically for Lovers?

Actually, Valentine’s Day or February 14th isn’t specifically for lovers. The very first handmade valentine gift cards which were designed in the 1800s were not made for lovers alone. It was made as a sign of affection for relatives, friends, and lovers. The motive remains the same though, ‘share the love’.

Is Val Day a Public Holiday?

Another common question about lover’s day is if businesses are meant to open, and banks work. Of course, the day is like every other day and businesses run according to the regular opening hours – except the owner of the business decides otherwise. But rest assured that government organizations, banks, and the likes are all open for business.

What Really Happens on Val’s Day?

For some people its business as usual. However, for a good number of other people, it’s the day to celebrate their love – usually with their spouse or partner who they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. The day slowly starts with cards, letters, SMS’s, exchange and slowly builds up with the exchange of gifts and arranging getaways, lunch and finally romantic nights in hotels. For people who have had an eye on someone they’d like a romantic relationship with, this day provides them with ample opportunity to let it out – usually anonymously, and with Valentine’s Day cards. Cards used on Val’s day are usually decorated with symbols like hearts, cupid, or red roses.

A list of common Valentine’s Day gifts includes:

  • Chocolates
  • Lingerie
  • Teddy bears
  • Flowers
  • Champagne or sparkling wine

For some people who are well off, certain lavish gifts like jewelry, cars, travel tours, and houses make the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Thinking of a valentine day special? Lookout as hotels and restaurants usually has special offers you can take advantage of at this time. They can be weekend breaks or romantic meals for you and your significant other.


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