These Are Signs Your Breasts Are Growing!

If you’d like to know those signs your breasts are growing, I’d like to throw more light on it. Follow me let’s talk about how to know if your breasts are still growing.

Every woman would at a certain stage undergo breast development. This development and growth happen for a vast period of their life. The process starts at puberty, although the development begins even before you are born.

The stages of breast growth are numerous; however, the end of the breast growth stage is at menopause. One thing to note is that breast development stages just like the phases of life of every woman vary. This also means that the size of the breast of each person will vary from that of another person.

Back to the discourse at hand, what are the signs your breasts are growing?

Common Signs Your Breasts Are Growing

If you’re curious about the signs to look out for to know if your breasts are growing, here are a few pointers that may help you.

  • Backaches – Not to be confused with chronic back pain, aches around the back of a young female is a common sign of developing breast
  • Sore and tender breasts
  • A few small lumps may appear under the nipples
  • You may feel an itch in your chest region and your nipple

Now that we know what to look out for during breast development, let’s take a look at some of the common questions usually asked about breast growth/development.

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FAQs about Breast Development

Breast development occurs in stages and as such, having questions about your breast growth in any of the stages isn’t far-fetched, especially since every woman have different breast. Follow me as I answer a few questions commonly asked about breast development.

Q: Do Breasts Hurt When They Grow?

A: It’s not uncommon to notice pains in breasts when they are growing. The first thing you should know is that breast grows due to hormones like progesterone and estrogen. During puberty, there are higher levels of both hormones; this, in turn, stimulates the breast to grow.

Let’s not forget that hormonal levels change during breastfeeding, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause (you know, the various stages of womanhood). And hormones typically cause changes in the fluid amount in the breasts. This change can make your breast feel painful or sensitive.

Q: Should my breasts be of equal size?

A: Varying breast sizes in women is common and normal. If you have slightly different breast sizes or even if your breast sizes are different by cup sizes, it’s nothing to worry about. During puberty, for instance, many women would notice this as their breasts are growing.

Finally, you should familiarize yourself with the three main stages of breast development (not stages of breast growth). In every woman’s life, the breasts develop in these three main stages:

  • Birth stage: Women will already start developing breasts from infancy. The stage begins while the female baby is but a fetus and still forming. When she’s born, milk ducts and nipples will begin forming.
  • Puberty stage: This is the stage where breast development begins to show and you notice the breasts growing. Typically, puberty in most girls begins as early as 8 years old while late puberty starts around the 13-year mark.

Puberty causes the ovaries to start creating the hormones estrogen which makes the breast tissues fat.

Menopause stage: Menopause starts at different periods for different women but for most women, it starts around age 50. Once menopause starts, the body won’t be producing much estrogen and thus your breasts will be impacted.

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