Tanning Salon Near Me: Find the Best Tanning Places near You 2020

For some people, getting that perfect tanned body means visiting tanning salons, which is why there’s been a spike in searches for queries like “tanning bed near meâ€, “tanning places near me†and “tanning salon near meâ€. If you are one of such people, then this article is for you.

It’s summertime and getting that bronzed body ready for the season is important to us all. So, one way to go about it is to find the right tanning salon.

While finding tanning salons isn’t difficult, the hard part is getting one with the services you need, has an affordable price, and most importantly has business hours which doesn’t conflict with your schedule. We’ve added a map you help you find tanning places near you.

Services to Expect at a Tanning Salon Near Me

There are bound to be several tanning salons near you, and these salons are likely to offer several services. Some of the services may include lay down tanning beds or stand-up tanning beds so you can choose your preferred tanning bed depending on how comfortable you feel with each.

You can purchase indoor tanning lotions at most of these salons. They offer this service because they realize that some customers/tanners would likely have dry skin.

So, a lotion is a smart solution. After all, a supple and moisturized skin tans better than dry skin. The use of lotion on dry skin helps to prevent the skin from peeling. More so, your tanning would accelerate even when you are no longer in session. There’s also the added benefit of smelling nice rather than the off, after-tan scent that you’d have if you didn’t use a tanning lotion.

A couple of salons offer additional services like pedicures & manicures and maybe even selling active wears and swimsuits for when you want to tan outdoors.

If you want, you can be given a soothing massage or well-groomed (cut & styled) hair. Depending on the tanning salon, you may be opportune to tan between 10 am to 11 pm as most tanning salons stay up till late.

 How Much Does Tanning Cost?

We can’t directly put a specific price tag to tanning services as it depends on several factors including the duration of the tanning session, type of tanning bed used, whether you added additional services like pedicure and manicure or a massage or if you opted for a package deal.

Different locations charge differently for their tanning visits. You can find one of about $5 with conditions of course. New converts to tanning can decide to try out tanning by purchasing a few minutes of a session.

This will also be cost-effective as you are likely going to use only a couple of minutes in each session anyway to avoid harming your skin while aiming to have a deep tan.

For experienced tanners, the unlimited packages which cost more but offer as many times as you need for longer periods like a month or more, even a year.

 What to Take to a Tanning Salon Near Me

There are certain things you shouldn’t skip out on when you are going tanning. Things like your lotion can be brought from home or purchased at the salon. However, you should also bring eye goggles to keep your eye protected from the UV rays in the tanning bed.

Remember your eyelids have thin skin and this isn’t enough to keep your eyes protected from the heavy UV rays.

You can also decide to bring a towel or a robe is just fine if you will tan nude. Protect your sensitive parts like the nipple and other privates with stickers or silicone protectors as they are prone to burning. Else, you may choose to wear a bikini instead of tanning nude.

 Opting for the Best Tanning Lotion

Your choice tanning salon might sell small single-use tanning lotion packets or may offer you a trial size lotion that would be applied prior to lying in the tanning bed. This can be a good way to figure out which tanning lotion is good for you. With several different types of tanning lotions on the market, it’s no wonder opting for a specific tanning lotion can be a little tricky.

There are different types of tanning lotions; here are some of the most prominent types:

  • Tingle lotions: These lotions speed up the flow of blood and also speed up pigment or melanin production. The result is experiencing a hot sensation on the skin.
  • Cool lotions: These lotions soothe the skin and they are usually produced using menthol.
  • Lotions containing bronzers: These lotions have the capability of darkening the skin as soon as they are applied.

Depending on your skin type (sensitive skin), you might want to stay off the hot and cool tanning lotions, at least, until you are certain how your skin would react to them. The best way to figure out how they’ll react to your skin is to test it. So, try using just a small amount on a part of your skin, like the back of your palm, and test it for a few hours.

If the tanning lotion you are opting for is not originally sold by the salon, be sure that its chemical components and ingredients won’t compromise the salon’s indoor tanning bed. You can also figure this out on the bottle.

If you are thinking of a tanning lotion that is relatively safe to use in that tanning bed near you, here are a few worth checking out.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion (Tattoo Protection Lotion)

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Bed Lotion

If you are a tattoo lover that wants to tan, then Ed Hardy’s coconut kisses golden tanning lotion is what you need. It’s made with tattoo lovers’ interest in mind, allowing you to tan and get bronzed while your tattoo colors remain shinning.

It contains both cocoa butter and coconut oil which gives it that sweet smell not very common among tanning lotions. It works to darken skin faster thanks to its special melanin formula.

Ed Hardy says the coconut kisses golden tanning lotion only side effect is its ability to shrink cellulite. So if you prefer to have the side effect of ‘young’ skin, you might consider checking it out.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator

Australian Gold is known for producing high-quality tanning lotions and this Cheeky Brown Accelerator is one of such. Once applied to your skin, it gets to work, giving you that light bronze tan and is very convenient to use in a tanning bed. If you are team natural, the components would wow you.

With such beneficial natural ingredients like sunflower, Aloe Vera gel, olive fruit oil, tea tree oil you can’t go wrong. It also contains vitamins A & E, glycerin and panthenol.

Tanners who have pale skin have praised this Cheeky Brown Accelerator from Australian Gold for its ‘instant tan’ which gets them more tanned without streaking.

How to Safely Tan Indoors (Avoid Burning)

Once you start indoor tanning, remember to take it slow. You should also consider tanning as early as 4 or 5 weeks prior to the beginning of summer, or if you have a special event, before its due date. The below steps should help you avoid burning while tanning indoors.

  • Try to exfoliate before you begin your first tanning session.
  • Goggles and indoor tanning lotions are a must.
  • 5 minutes is the max time for tanning. If your tanning bed has a timer, make use of it.
  • Don’t stay longer than necessary in a bid to see instant results. Results would only appear y the next day (24 hours)
  • Wait for at least 48 hours after your first tan before tanning again.

I hope you found one of the many tanning salons near you worth it? Let us know in the comment below.

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