How Often Can You Tone Your Hair?

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair

Did you know that toning is all about fine-tuning, finishing touch that changes the simple into something polished? Do-it-yourself hair experiments can result in some very unpleasant, long-term results, from catastrophic haircuts to dye jobs gone terribly wrong. For instance, hair toner is utilized to fix any unwanted undertones or add a hue to your … Read more

How Long to Leave Hair Dye In?

How Long to Leave Hair Dye In

Hair dying at home can be a fun process, right? But there’s so much to it. For instance, how long to leave hair dye in? The entire process of coloring your hair is simple. You just put the dye and bleach on and let the magic start. Remember that you should follow the instructions on … Read more

Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy?

Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy after Wash

You just got out of the shower. You wash your hair with shampoo and dry it off. Still, you feel your hair waxy. Don’t worry because you are not alone. Are you wondering why my hair feels waxy? Well, there can be different reasons for that. But in reality, it is often linked with the … Read more

Why Does My Leg Hair Grow So Fast?

Let’s face it. The beauty industry has set high standards quite high. Among its beauty trends, one is hairless and has smooth legs. To cope with that trend, most people remove their leg hair. However, after doing so, the hair grows back real quick. How annoying, right? Now you need to go through the entire … Read more

Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss?

Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss

Maui Moisture is a popular brand recognized for its hair care products. Made specifically to nourish wavy and curly locks fully, the brand concentrates on creating formulas inspired by ingredients seen in the tropical islands of Hawaii. In 2020, the brand obtained the Best New Beauty Award by She Finds. But can Maui Moisture cause … Read more

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice for Grey Hair Turns It Back to Its Natural Color

Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice is a better alternative for reverting gray hairs to natural color. It’s common knowledge that grey hairs are many women nightmare as it’s considered as the first sign you’d experience when you start aging. This is why many women are determined to try anything they can to cover this … Read more

10 Best Shampoos for Dry Scalp 2022

Organic Argan Oil Shampoo for Dry Hair and Scalp

Are you struggling with a dry, itchy scalp? This could be attributed to a lot of things ranging from adverse weather conditions to the use of certain synthetic products especially those aimed at caring for your hair. An itchy scalp isn’t dangerous, but it’s certainly not pleasant! Prolonged inaction regarding your situation could trigger the … Read more